Maui Wind Turbines
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Maui Wind Turbines

Good siting is important for good production.

Site Considerations

If you have the right elements at your location then you can enjoy the benefits of generating a large portion of your energy needs.




Where should you install this system?

Specifics for Maui are given as an example. The manufacturer, Southwest Windpower recommends installing Skystream 3.7 at sites with the following criteria:

  • Adequate wind resource: Minimum average wind speed for a Skystream is 10 mph (4.5 m/s). Ideal sites have 12 mph (5.4 m/s) average wind speed or greater. Maui experiences good average wind speeds in many areas. Each location is unique and requires a site assessment.
  • Site free from obstructions: Clean, unobstructed wind is best for the Skystream 3.7. The top of the tower should be a minimum of 20 feet above any surrounding object within a 250 foot radius. Although the windmill may be installed on smaller lots of land, properties of a half an acre or more are typically ideal as they are more likely to have unobstructed wind.
  • Suitable zoning: Tower installation must comply with local zoning regulations. Agricultural and rural zoning and most business zonings are suitable in Maui County. It is also advisable to make sure there are no HOA (Home Owner Association) regulations that prohibit the use of towers.
  • Regions where electricity costs are $0.10/kWh or greater: Maui Electric Company’s residential rates are about 4X that. The rates change often and fluctuate with the price of oil. October ‘08 rates were $.42 kWh.

Maui Wind Turbines



Low Profile

The Mono pole towers range in height from 34 feet to 60 feet making the Skystream system a possibility for a wide range of communities and zoning areas.

Super Efficient Power

Maui Wind Turbines

Designed to produce energy in very low winds, Skystream 3.7™ begins producing power in an 8 mph breeze with full output achieved at 29 mph. Skystream may produce 400 kWh per month. That is 40 - 80% of the electrical needs of most homes.  wind turbine info


Windward ...
"With so many issues around global warming, I wondered what I could do to impact the environment in a measurable way, besides activities like recycling and installing compact fluorescent light bulbs. I was hoping that something would come along to help a homeowner take advantage of natural wind resources. It’s been a lifetime dream of mine. Until now there was not a technology that made this possible. With Skystream, now it is possible. " - Rena from Illinois

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